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Required reporting forms and other information for managing appropriations received from the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

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Definition of Budget Terms

DNR Pass-through Grants Website

Suggestions to Better Photos/Videos of OHF Projects

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Draft Accomplishment Plan Video Guide (9 minutes)

Required Reporting

Accomplishment Plan Amendments - complete as needed

Status Updates - due February 1 (reporting for July 1 - Dec 31) and August 1 (reporting for Jan 1 - June 30)

Initial Land Reporting Forms - due within 60 days from completion of activity on parcel

Annual Real Property Interest Report - due December 1 each year for fee title and easement acquisition parcels

Easement Monitoring and Enforcement Requirements / Annual Easement Stewardship Fund Reports - due annually for applicable programs

Restoration and Management Plan Guidelines

Notice of Funding Restrictions Guidelines

Final Reports - typically due November 1 (4 months from appropriation availability end date)

Minor Land Conveyances and Conversions

3/31/2010 Accomplishment Plan Amendment Process Memo

FY11 Accomplishment Plan Leverage Tables Memo

Acknowledgement & Signage

Acknowledgement Guidelines - Requirements of 97A.056

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