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LSOHC Bulletin Board

LSOHC Bulletin Board

Information sent to council members, including information in the public domain, shared through the LSOHC office. Council meeting information is located on the council Meetings Pages.

Date Subject
06/25/2018 Letter to MN Counties Re: ML2019 Proposals
08/23/2017 Letter to LSOHC from MN Power Re: Great Northern Transmission Line
08/07/2017 LSOHC Letter to MN Power Re: Great Northern Transmission Line
05/8/2017 LSOHC Letter to Crow Wing County Re: Mississippi River Northwoods Land Swap
03/22/2017 Letter to LSOHC from House Members
01/31/2017 Mississippi Northwoods DNR Commissioner Correspondence
12/7/2016 Forest Habitat Revolving Account Discussion Nov 16, 2016 council meeting
11/2/2016 Request for legal action from the LSOHC to the MN DNR Re: Mississippi Northwoods Habitat Complex Protection
9/20/2016 Member Allocations: Chair's Proposal ML 2017/FY 2018
9/19/2016 Program Information: Aquatic Invaders Summit II, October 5 & 6, St. Cloud
8/31/2016 Additional Program Proposal Information: Response to Hearings
8/19/2016 University of Minnesota Statewide Survey 2016
8/18/2016 Comment sent to LSOHC Re: Crow Wing County
8/10/2016 Grant Agreement No. B40660 - Pheasants Forever Inc./Big Kandi Lake WPA Land Acquisitions
8/10/2016 Grant Agreement No. B40661 - Pheasants Forever Inc./Prairie Storm WPA Addition
8/1/2016 Supplemental Information: FY 2018 Proposals FA 09 & HA 05
8/1/2016 Supplemental Information: FY 2018 Proposal FA 09 Map
7/29/2016 Supplemental Information: FY 2018 Proposal FA 01 Carnelian Creek Conservation Corridor
7/26/2016 MinnPost Article on Pollinators & Crops
7/22/2016 Supplemental Information: FA 01 Carnelian Creek Conservation Corridor Letter of Support
7/22/2016 Supplemental Information: HA 04 Fisheries Habitat Protection on Strategic Lakes in N Central MN Letter of Support
7/20/2016 FY2018 Proposal question - HA 02
7/8/2016 White Paper: Minnesota's Top 124 Terrestrial Invasive Plants and Pests: Priorities for Research.
7/5/2016 Letter to DNR Commissioner Landwehr Re: Mississippi River Northwoods 7-5-2016
7/5/2016 Additional Information Regarding 6-29-16 BWSR Presentation
7/5/2016 Letter to DNR Commissioner Landwehr Re: CPL Language
7/5/2016 Letter to Crow Wing County 6-30-2016
6/16/2016 Letter received from Kittson County 6-8-2016
5/21/2016 Legacy Bill SF 2527 Update
5/18/2016 LSOHC Letter to Kittson County 5-17-2016
4/26/2016 Information on the Effectiveness of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments in Soybeans
4/14/2016 Brainerd Dispatch article on Outdoor Heritage Funds and Mississippi Northwoods Habitat Complex Protection
4/11/2016 Response from Crow Wing County re: LSOHC Letter of Comment
4/8/2016 Crow Wing County Letter of Comment from LSOHC Chair Bob Anderson
3/18/2016 Public Comment Follow-up Re: Sand Dunes State Forest
3/17/2016 DNR Names Jim Leach as Fish and Wildlife Director
3/14/2016 Correspondance regarding The Nature Conservancy and Kittson County
3/14/2016 Letter to Bill Authors & Leadership Re: OHF Reduction Recommendation
2/16/2016 MN Invasive Carp Forum
2/16/2016 August 2015 Blandin Presentation
2/16/2016 MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center advisory board members
2/15/2016 PILT Alternative Funding Study Report
2/3/2016 Letter to the Association of Minnesota Counties
1/11/2016 Letter to Asst Secretary of the Army Re: Marsh Lake funding
1/4/2016 Outdoor Heritage Fund Bill Language
12/14/2015 Lessard-Sams council should sustain momentum on White Earth project
11/23/2015 Additional ML16 FY17 Draft Accomplishment Plan Information for Council Members
11/9/2015 Evaluate the Effectiveness of Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Strategies - Budget Summary
11/3/2015 Conveyance/Conversion St. Louis County Easement
10/30/2015 LCCMR 2016 Recommendation Package
10/29/2015 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Rum River Erosion Control Project
10/2/2015 Letter to Members_MN Chptr of The Wildlife Society 9 28 2015
9/28/2015 Information regarding the Chair's Proposal for ML16 FY17
9/22/2015 MDHA ATV Resolution Passed 9/19/15
9/15/2015 Letter to the LSOHC from the City of Champlin RE: ML16 FY17 Proposal HRE 07
9/10/2015 MN Deer Hunters Association ATV Policy
9/9/2015 Letter to the LSOHC from the Prairie Woods Chapter_Izaak Walton League
9/9/2015 Additional ML16/FY17 Proposal Information - BWSR
8/27/2015 Additional ML16/FY17 Program Proposal Information for Council Members
8/13/2015 Press Release - LSOHC hires new Assistant Director, Joe Pavelko
8/3/2015 "Roseau Lake Rehabilitation" Proposal - Deadline clarification
7/31/2015 New LSOHC Assistant Director - Resume
7/28/2015 Carlton County SWCD Tour Invite
7/27/2015 General Information of Interest
7/24/2015 Letter of Response to Crow Wing County
7/23/2015 Tour invitation from MN Board of Water & Soil Resources
7/13/2015 Correction(s) to FY17 Member Binder Contents
7/8/2015 Corrected FY17 Member Evaluation Form
7/6/2015 Review Criteria #7 & #8 - Clarification
6/29/2015 Call criteria & evaluation form
6/25/2015 Save The Date: State Line Lake Dedictation
6/17/2015 Notice of Updated June 23 Council meeting Agenda
6/15/2015 OHF Project Ribbon Cutting Invitation
6/12/2015 Special Session Information
6/9/2015 St. Paul Area Hotel Room Rates (Apr. 2015)
5/11/2015 LSOHC Executive Director Knife River Response
5/11/2015 Knife River Restoration Letter
5/6/2015 Moose Project Field Tour
5/1/2015 Dakota County Amendment
4/2/2015 Pioneer Press Article - Legacy-tribal controvery: Read Letter from Hartwell, Kingston, Olson
4/2/2015 Pioneer Press Article - Should Legacy Funds Buy Land for Tribes?
3/23/2015 Legacy - ETF and PILT Proposal
3/23/2015 Letter from Crow Wing County
3/17/2015 PILT Questions
2/27/2015 Huber Communication on White Earth Nation
2/12/2015 LSOHC Letter of Reply to Crow Wing Cty Re: Mississippi Northwoods Habitat Complex Protection
2/11/2015 Letter of Reply to LSOHC 2-11-15, Crow Wing Cty Re: Mississippi Northwoods Habitat Complex Protection
2/10/2015 LSOHC Letter to Crow Wing Cty Re: Mississippi Northwoods Habitat Complex Protection
1/26/2015 LSOHC Letter of Response to Clearwater County
1/20/2015 Clearwater County Letter to the LSOHC
1/5/2015 Minnesota's Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment_5th Anniversary Celebration and Forum
1/5/2015 Minnesota Honey Producers Association_Letters of Response
12/5/2014 Competitiveness of MN Forest Products Industry and Pollinator Forum
12/4/2014 Aquatic Invaders Summit Announcement
12/4/2014 Aquatic Invaders Summit Program Registration
12/4/2014 Notice of Aquatic Invaders Summit
11/21/2014 AGWEEK Article on Pollinator Habitat Funding
11/17/2014 The Land Ethic Reclaimed: A UW Madison MOOC
11/12/2014 Minnesota Pheasant Summit 2014
10/10/2014 OHF Final Reporting Past Due - Corrections
8/11/2014 Annual Report of expenditures by DNR for contract administration
8/7/2014 Steve Taff follow-up Comments from August 5 Council Meeting
5/30/2014 Update on the Marsh Lake Project - M.L. 2012, Chapter 264, Article 1, Section 2, Subd 4(f)
5/29/2014 American Bird Conservancy, Spring 2014 issue
5/22/2014 Lock Closure Passes House with Money for Marsh Lake
5/21/2014 FarmBillAdvocates: New ALE Rules
5/19/2014 Response to Jim Cox Exec Director hire questions
4/30/2014 More Wisconsin Anglers Draining Bilge and Buckets to Slow Invasive Species
4/29/2014 Environmental Working Group report, "Broken Stream Banks: Failure to maintain buffer zones worsens farm pollution"
3/17/2014 conflict of interest / campaign contributions
3/4/2014 Fond du Lac Info packet
3/3/2014 USGS New Report Released-Assessment of Conservation Easements...
2/7/2014 Blandin Tax Court Action
2/6/2014 Forest Land or Crop Insurance
2/5/2014 Chair Hartwell Letter
2/5/2014 Pheasants Forever Letter 2
2/5/2014 Pheasants Forever Letter 1
2/5/2014 Twin Cities Business article, Whose Legacy is it?
2/5/2014 Anger and disbelief - Brainerd Dispatch
1/27/2014 Governors bonding budget/request
1/21/2014 Bureau of Indian Affairs response re: trust land
1/15/2014 Sue Olson e-mail for Council
1/2/2014 Cass County Conversion - Woodtick Wheelers Proposal - OHF Acquisition
12-20-2013 New York State Organizes Invasive Species Prevention Efforts on a Regional Basis
12-19-2013 The Land Remembers from Elizabeth Wilkens
11-25-2013 Gates Foundation Indirect Cost Info
11-25-2013 NYT Monarch Butterfly Article
11-22-2013 Mtg follow-up - OHF contract administration
11-19-2013 OLA Program Evaluation Release - Sustainable Forest Incentive Program
11-18-2013 LSOHC testimony received regarding FA-2
11-18-2013 ML 2013 CPL Final Grant Awards
11-13-2013 MN COLA Advice/Feedback
11-1-2013 Conservation provisions of Farm Bill - Minnesota State Agency recommendations
10-24-2013 U.S. House approves bill that would close St. Anthony Falls lock
10-22-2013 Star Tribune Article on the changing northwoods
10-17-2013 Chair Hartwell Response to Request Merging of Acquisition Proposals: HA-3 AND PA-1
10-15-2013 Request Merging of Acquisition Proposals: HA-3 AND PA-1
10-15-2013 TV Series Info
10-02-2013 Mississippi River Northwoods Habitat Complex
10-02-2013 About Mississippi Northwoods
10-02-2013 Celebrating Mississippi Northwoods project
10-01-2013 USCoE fighting zebra muscles in Missouri
9-19-2013 Request HAIS-04 Letters of Support (handed out at hearing)
9-19-2013 Kandiyohi County AIS task force letter to Council
9-18-2013 Seminars Announced for Zebra Mussel Research Professor Candidates
9-17-2013 AIS Further thoughts - M. Kapphahn
9-16-2013 WMA Parcel Priorities
9-16-2013 Pinelands Sands Project follow-up
9-16-2013 Letter of Opposition to AIS Funding
9-16-2013 Northeast Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse follow-up
9-13-2013 HA03 Vermillion River WMA / Cemstone follow-up info
9-13-2013 The Nature Conservancy Direct Support Services follow-up
9-11-2013 The Nature Conservancy Direct Support Services follow-up
9-11-2013 Northeast MN Sharp-tailed Grouse Proposal follow-up
9-11-2013 Restoration Evaluations follow-up
9-11-2013 Hearing Info Follow-up 2 Parcel Priorities
9-11-2013 Hearing Info follow-up 1
9-09-2013 Letter of Support
9-06-2013 Legacy Committee trip agenda
9-03-2013 Letters of Support
9-01-2013 Letters of Support
8-27-2013 DNR Fish Habitat Plan
8-19-2013 RIM/WRP Backlog
8-16-2013 Carver County and City of St. Paul submission withdrawl
8-14-2013 Ottertail COLA members supporting funding of the proposal
8-13-2013 DNR Letter - re: OHF Contract Management
8-06-2013 Chair Hartwell Analysis - not verified by staff
8-06-2013 Becker County Letter of Support
7-29-2013 Letter of Support for AIS Washing Station Request
7-29-2013 DNR Letter - re: CPL Program
7-17-2013 Prairie Related Requests from DNR, BWSR and Other Partners Implementing the Prairie Plan
7-17-2013 No perdiem for phone meeting participation
6-19-2013 Governor requests federal authorization for grazing of federally protects grassland habitat
6-19-2013 Carp Barriers in Manitoba
5-31-2013 Northland moose researchers see harsh realities of food chain
5-20-2013 Conference Committee Report H.F. 1183 Omnibus Legacy Bill
5-16-2013 St. Anthony Lock Closing Passes Senate
5-16-2013 Hartwell to Senate re: Star Tribune Metro Legacy Article
5-7-2013 Managing Grazing Systems in Minnesota
4-29-2013 Senate Floor confirmations of new LSOHC members on Friday, May 3, 2013
4-29-2013 MinnPost Article: Endocrine disruptors in water: Minnesota is ahead of Wis. in testing
4-26-2013 Brainerd Dispatch Article: Proposed Woods Bay project may preserve pristine property
4-24-2013 Member/Staff Communication during session