Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council



FY2014 LSOHC Requests Received

The FY2014 Call for Request deadline is 4:00 p.m., June 29, 2012. The following requests are for funding that will be recommended to the 2013 Legislature and begin on July 1, 2012.   

The Council received 43 requests totaling over $227 million.  

Link here for a SUMMARY of requests received.

At the August 1, 2012 Council meeting, members will decided to hear select programs.    Those programs selected for a hearing will be indicated with a (H) after the project number below.      

Proposal #


Project Manager


Requested Amount

Prairie Acquisition

P A 01(H)

Grasslands for the Future

Kevin Lines

Board of Water and Soil Resources


P A 02(H)

Accelerating the Wildlife Management Area Program, Phase 5

Joe Pavelko

Pheasants Forever


P A 03(H)

DNR Wildlife Management Area, Scientific and Natural Area and Native Prairie Bank Easement Acquisition, Ph. V

Patrick Rivers

MN Dept of Natural Resources


P A 04(H)

Minnesota Prairie Recovery Project, Phase 4

Neal Feeken

The Nature Conservancy


P A 05(H)

Minnesota Buffers for Wildlife and Water, Phase 3

Matt Holland and
Tabor Hoek

Pheasants Forever and


P A 06

Green Corridor Legacy Program Phase 5

Bradley Cobb

Green Corridor Inc.


P A 07(H)

Cannon River Headwaters Habitat Complex, Phase 3

Becca Nash

The Trust for Public Land


Prairie Restore / Enhance

P RE 01(H)

DNR Grassland Phase 5

Bill Penning

MN Dept of Natural Resources


Forest Acquisition

F A 01(H)

Minnesota Forests for the Future/State Forests, Phase 4

David Schuller

DNR - Forestry


F A 02(H)

Young Forest Conservation

George Fenwick

American Bird Conservancy


F A 03(H)

The Camp Ripley Partnership: Protecting the Mission and Mighty Mississippi River, Phase 3

Helen McLennan

Morrison SWCD


F A 04(H)

Preventing Forest Fragmentation and Protecting and Restoring Lake and Stream Habitat in the St. Louis River Watershed

Thomas Howes

Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa


F A 05(H)

NE MN Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat Partnerhip, Phase IV

Joe Pavelko

Pheasants Forever


F A 06(H)

Protect (Acquire) Key Forest Habitat Lands in Cass County, Phase 4

Joshua Stevenson

Cass County


Forest Restore / Enhance

F RE 01

DNR Accelerated Forest Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Program, Phase 4

Bob Welsh

MN Dept of Natural Resources


F RE 02(H)

MN Moose Habitat Collaborative, Phase 2

Mark Johnson

MN Deer Hunters Association


F RE 03

Defending the St. Croix Riverway From a Bittersweet Onslaught

Monika Chandler

Minnesota Department of Agriculture


Wetland Acquisition

W A 01(H)

The RIM-WRP Partnership: Phase V

Kevin Lines

BWSR with Ducks Unlimited


W A 02(H)

Accelerating the Waterfowl Production Area Program, Phase 5

Joe Pavelko

Pheasants Forever


W A 03(H)

Shallow Lake & Wetland Protection Program - Phase III

Jon Schneider

Ducks Unlimited


W A 04(H)

Wild Rice Shoreland Protection, Phase 2

Dan Steward

Minnesota BWSR


W A 05(H)

McGregor Marsh Wetland Protection

Ray Norrgard, Gary Drotts



W A 06(H)

Wetland Habitat Protection Program

Sarah Strommen

Minnesota Land Trust


Wetland Restore / Enhance

W RE 01(H)

Accelerated Wetland and Shallow Lake Enhancement, Phase 5

Ray Norrgard

MN Dept of Natural Resources


W RE 02(H)

Pelican Lake Enhancement

Ricky Lien



W RE 03(H)

Albert Lea Lake Management and Invasive Species Control Structure

Andy Henschel

Shell Rock River Watershed District


W RE 04(H)

Goose Lake Restoration and Carp Exclusion Project

Andy Henschel

Shell Rock River Watershed District

$ 412,000

Habitat Acquisition

H A 01(H)

DNR Aquatic Habitat Program, Phase 5

Michael Duval

MN Dept of Natural Resources


H A 02(H)

Habitat Protection in Dakota County, Phase 4

Alan Singer

Dakota County


H A 03(H)

Root River Protection and Restoration

Richard Biske

The Nature Conservancy


H A 04(H)

Metro Big Rivers Habitat Phase 4

Deborah Loon

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc.


H A 05(H)

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Acquisition of Property Surrounding Lake Tamarack

Peter Moe

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum


H A 06(H)

Critical Shoreland Habitat Protection Program: Phase 2

Kris Larson

Minnesota Land Trust


Habitat Restore / Enhance

H RE 01

Wildlife Habitat Restoration and Enhancement in Metropolitan Regional Parks System

Arne Stefferud

Metropolitan Council

$ 6,346,000

H RE 02

Duluth 2012 Flood: Stream Habitat Restoration Program

Kate Kubiak

South St. Louis SWCD

$ 6,023,000

H RE 03(H)

Lower Mississippi River Habitat Partnership, Phase 3

Jim Nissen

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


H RE 04

Lake Zumbro Habitat Restoration Project

Terry Lee

Lake Zumbro Improvement Association


H RE 05(H)

Minnesota Trout Unlimited Coldwater Fish Habitat Enhancement Program, Phase 5

John Lenczewski

Minnesota Trout Unlimited


H RE 06

Developing a National Destination for Trout Angling Cold Water Enthusiasts

Joe Hoffman

City of Preston



O 1

Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program, Phase 5

Sam Fleitman

MN Dept of Natural Resources


O 2

Contract Management

Kristel Lynch

MN Dept of Natural Resources


O 3

Restoration Evaluations Program, Phase 3

Wade Johnson

MN Dept of Natural Resources


O 4(H)

High-Priority Pre-Transaction Service Acceleration for Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council

Larry R. Kramka

MN Dept of Natural Resources